The United World Academy has chosen the prestigious Florimont Institute, a school with a great reputation for its quality of teaching, for its base in Geneva. Throughout their school year, students aged from 9 to 13 are able to attend one training session a week after lessons

  • 1 Practice per week
  • Sessions of functional strength training
  • Analysis Video
  • Initiation with a physical therapist
  • Follow an intensive training program, based on the official training methodology of United World Academy
  • Represent the Academy thanks to the official Nike training kit United World Academy !
  • Participate in an International trip during a week at the heart of one of our professional clubs in Europe, in full immersion in a professional setting, in the footsteps, pro players.. 
  • Optimise your performance on and off the field with comprehensive coaching that takes into account the sporting, but also mental, cognitive and emotional aspects.. 
  • Be part of the United World Academy family and benefit from the expertise of our professional clubs and unique cultural and sports experiences
  • 7 days integration in one of 3 european clubs United World, for players who deserve it.
  • Possibility of an official Integration in Residential Program , for players who deserve it.

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