Benefit from the expertise of the French methodology thanks to the United World Academy residential

program. Immerse yourself in the training world for several months and experience an adventure as

if you were a pro! The residency program takes place in United World Academy Training Center

supervised by UEFA qualified technical staff. You will enjoy the modern facilities, full accommodation

boarding and professional medical staff.

United World Academy is in close collaboration with the Training Center of La Berrichonne de

Châteauroux. With an overall rating of 3/5 stars, the training center of Berrichonne Châteauroux was

judged to be of as good quality as those of LOSC Lille, Olympique de Marseille, Montpellier Hérault SC,

and ranked ahead of historical clubs FC Metz and RC Strasbourg.

United World Academy residential program, has allowed players to have their first national Call-up

with their national team.

Full-board accommodation in the

Training Center (7/7 days)

Training Center (7/7 days)

Full board accommodation
Education support 7/7
Room with two
Games room
Relaxing area

« Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying,

                  sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. »                                    

High-level Football Program

– UEFA Technical Team

– Daily Training Session

– Games against other teams

– Individual Training Session

– Video analysis

« France has shaped its reputation as one of he greatest, if not THE greatest talent makers in

the world when it come to football

Our training program aims at making each player use their full potential by developing their skills, their determination and autonomy through a good work ethic and personal commitment »

Dominique BIOTAT, Head Coach of United World Academy – La Berrichonne de Châteauroux

Assistant Coach

Dominique Bijotat is known for his fully career in football, has former Professional and French International player and former Head Coach of Professional Teams

School and Studies


Partnership with 2 schools to meet the educational needs of our young people


– E-Learning courses for foreign student

– High School Diploma and IB Program for students enrolled in our partner high school

– Daily French classes


Follow-up of the schooling by an experienced Team

Medical Follow-up

Medical care is covered by sport specialist

doctors and physiotherapists. The staff is used to

sports related injuries and treats top-notch

athletes on a daily basis.


Making an appointment is eased, in order to provide fast player care.

Individual Equipment


A Full UWA Training Pack: T-shirts, Shorts, Training socks, Kway, Parkas, …

A Full UWA Outside Pack : Polos, Pants, Jacket, Bag pack, …

The advantages of United World Academy:


– Official Integration in one of 3 European clubs United World next year, for players who deserve it;

– Assistance with VISA procedures

– Access to watch all the Professional games in championship:

– Trainings in the United World Academy Center sporting facilities;

– Meetings and discussions with the professional staff, coach and players of professional teams;

– Media training to be prepared for the D-Day;

– To top it off, will be added regular speakers: educational coordinator, teachers, physiotherapist, doctor.



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